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Acerca de Dr. Pedram Sooferi

I was 14 when I moved to Los Angeles. Coping with my new environment at Beverly Hills High School and having to drop out a few years later to continue my education at Santa Monica College was the reflection point of my life. This was the starting point when I decided to pursue health as a professional path for the rest of my life. 2 years later I was able to graduate from SMC and find myself at University of Los Angeles California (UCLA) where I was able to receive my Bachelors in Biology. Being gifted with great manual dexterity and vision, I decided to choose dentistry as my primary profession. Having the ability to take advantage of Dean's Scholarship due to my exceptional performance at UCLA, I was able to achieve my Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at UCLA. Since my graduation I have continually tried to remain updated with advancement of technology in dentistry and by attending continuing education courses in cosmetic dentistry and envisaging orthodontics, I have attempted to perfect my skills in creating perfect smiles for my patients. Visit me today at my Glendale Dental office for Los Angeles Dentists.

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