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Hablamos Español was created to provide you with an easy way to find professionals and businesses that speak your language and understand your culture!

We understand the importance of being able to speak your native language with your Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals and service providers. Understanding their instructions or advice can give you peace of mind and a clearer vision of the necessary next steps.

We are very excited to join forces with bilingual businesses!
With over 41 MILLION U.S. Latinos who speak Spanish at home, we believe HablamosEspanol.com is a necessity for our community.

Whether you only speak Spanish,
- or you are bilingual, but prefer to communicate about certain topics in your native tongue,
- or if you are an English speaker who is in charge of finding professionals for your Spanish        speaking family & friends,
- or simply looking for a great service for yourself, we are here to help you!

You can find Doctors & Lawyers in the Los Angeles DMA. More categories and cities coming soon!


Hablamos Español is a team of seasoned executives who have worked in various industries including technology, financial services, media and advertising, servicing the U.S. Latino community.

Founded by Veronica Alvarez, an Internet executive with 15+ years of experience launching, marketing, & growing online and offline products to U.S. Latinos. Her experience includes leading product initiatives for U.S. Latinos at YAHOO! and developing financial products for North and Latin American markets at REUTERS. She also helped launch and grow CARE fertility (a fertility practice in Los Angeles servicing U.S. Latinos.)

A native of Guatemala city. She attended the University of Western Ontario in Canada to earn a BA in Economics. She is passionate and committed to building products and services that empower the U.S. Latino community.



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The answers provided here do NOT substitute the advice and diagnosis of your own doctor.